Weekend Round Up January 25th and 26th

The U13 Boys had a tremendous game and had one of their biggest wins of the winter sessions with a final score of 10-3 over the Ohio Strikers.  Obviously, it was a well-played game with the Cobra Lads dominating the game and implementing as much of the skills as they have learned over the winter.  The goals came from Jake W. who had five goals!!! A Hat Trick and a Brace.  Additional goals came from Rowen and Sammy G. who had a Brace apiece and Phillip with a Lone Star.  A tremendously well played game by all of the Lads—well done!

The U13 Girls playeda tough true U14 team and the Cobras played the best they have played at Lost Nation for a long while.  Although they did indeed win, it was the manner in which they played which was most pleasing.  The girls worked hard at getting numbers back behind the ball and defended in a most cohesive manner.  I am still looking to see certain areas of the training sessions manifesting in the games, and although that is not quite happening, I was most pleased with the team’s overall performance.  The goal scoring was spread around the team, which is encouraging as I wish to see everyone taking advantage of goal-scoring opportunities. Cassidy had a Brace while Annie, Rosie, Elizabeth B. and Laura all had Lone Stars.  Probably the goal of the day came from the goalie, Mackenzie P. who hammered a shot from a full 40 yards past the hapless Erie keeper. The final Score was 7-5 for the Cobras.

The U14 Girls played Ohio Premier Strikers down in Lodi on a day when all of the games should have cancelled.  However, they were not, and the girls who were able to make the journey played tremendously well.  There was cohesiveness between all the three units, which enabled the Cobra girls to control the game.  Although it did take a while for us to score the first goal, the girls were patient in the development of play and eventually we did take the lead.  I am still not seeing the work put into the training sessions manifesting during the games; even so, there are small elements showing which is promising.  The players need to ‘experiment’ during the games and try to apply the techniques and tactical facets we train on during the training sessions.  With the final score at 6-1 the win was convincing and the girls played enjoyably well. The goals came from Tyler and Leah with a Brace apiece and Izzie and Lily each with a Lone Star.

The U15 Girls tied a totally exciting game 7-7 and the girls fully deserved their point.  Owing to various reasons we were without players and had to quickly call on reinforcements from the 13’s and 14 squads to help out.  It took us a while to get going and following a number of goofy errors we found ourselves trailing 7-2.  Even so, using the tried and tested adage of one goal at a time, the team chipped away at the score-line and eventually tied the game with around 55 seconds to go.  A truly quick piece of thinking from a throw-in by Tyler and a quality finish from Becca set the score at 7-6 and left for a most exciting finale.

I am not sure who exactly scored our 7th goal; however, it was a totally exciting closure to the game.  The goals came from, Tyler< Rosie, and Emily all with a Brace each, and Becca with a Lone Star

The U17 Boys had an Everest no-show and just had to scrimmage.