Weekend Round Up January 18th and 19th

The U13 Boys are showing signs of playing Cobras style of soccer. They played an attacking style, and were able to build the play up from the back.  We created shots but couldn’t find the back of the net.   We came up on the short-end of a 5-3 result to Ambassadors but are pleased with the level of play, playing this fast paced style for the entire game and with only one sub. Brace from Sammy G and Lone Star from Laura G.

The U13 Girls had a tough day in Cobra Town and came in second suffering a 7-2 defeat.  For some reason, and this is not an excuse, we just do not seem to ever play well at Lost Nation.  Even so, the girls continued to try and we did get two goals on the score sheet; two Lone Stars one from Izzie and one from Molly.

The U13/14 Girls lost a close game 1-0 playing in the 11V11 format.  It was a well contested game with both teams having chances to go ahead.  On the day though our girls missed numerous shooting opportunities and therefore were kept off the score sheet.  The goal we conceded was a poor goal making the result all the more frustrating.

The U14 Girls drew a well contested game with a 2-2 score-line.  Jackson has a strong group of players and we have struggled to truly match up with them in the past; however, during this game we gave as good as we got and were unlucky not to be the eventual victors.  The goals came from Izzie and Tyler who both had Lone Stars.

The U15 Girls were once again most impressive in the manner in which they played against Canton United, who for some odd reason go by the name of the Italian giants Juventus.  The team played in a cohesive manner and effectively moved the ball through all the thirds of the pitch.  They are continually stoic in the defensive third, control the midfield third, and produce goals from all angles in the attacking third.  With Emily in such a fine scoring vein we are becoming most difficult to beat.  The nine Cobra goals came from Emily who had five goals-a Hat-Trick and a Brace, Alyssa with a Brace, and Lauren and Rosie both with Lone Stars.  We are in dire need of additional players for this team as we prepare to move outside in the spring so should you know of any high school players looking for a team please let me know.

The U17 Boys suffered an unbearable loss following one of the most bizarre refereeing decisions I have ever heard of. Although the game score fluctuated between the two teams the major turning point was when the ref awarded a penalty and then let the clock run out without allowing our player to take it.