Weekend Round Up December 12th and 13th

U11/12 Girls V’s Liberty: 5-2 Loss


Our Girls, missing many players owing to school and church events, plus injuries, put in a phenomenal performance against a true U12 Liberty team.  We held them at 1-1 and then at 2-2 until the opposition eventually broke away.  Our Cobra goals from Nicola with a wonderful individual effort, followed by a second goal from Jada who smacked in a beautiful full volley to tie the game following an absolutely brilliant shot from Bella which rattled the post.  Ella had another great game in nets while Aubrey, Bailey, and Hannah controlled the defence. Katrina, Nicola and Bella controlled the midfield while Nicola and Jada always looked dangerous in attack.  Although the youngsters did indeed lose, they were a fabulous match for Liberty.


U13 Girls V’s Excalibur: 5-3 Win


For the first time this winter the 13’s were tested, and to some degree, they looked challenged; however, in reality they never looked like anything but the eventual winners.  We totally outplayed the opposition in each third of the pitch and the girls looked tremendous on the ball.  It is most thrilling to watch the girls implement the difficult techniques they learn at footskills in such an easy, and at times even in a blasé manner.  The goals came from Rosie with a Hat-Trick, and Laura and Annie with a Lone Star each.  The girls who score always get named; however, this was a tremendous team win and each and every player contributed to the victory.


U13 Boys V’s Erie: Win 5-2 Win


The 13 Boys had a most deserved win over Erie playing one of the best games they have played this winter.  They moved the ball well and attacked with some purpose.  During the second half they totally exploited Erie and with great effort they went up 2-1. The boys continued the good movement off the ball, supported each other in attack, and found their marks on defense, which forced Erie to misplay the ball in their defensive third. Cobras kept their shots lower, harder and on net in second half.  The goals for the Cobras came from Jake and Laura with a Brace each and, Sammy G with a Lone Star—Great job U13’s!!!


U14 Girls Vs Liberty: 4-2 Win


The U14’s were always in control of this game and the score could realistically have been higher.  The Girls controlled the game throughout and both the goals we conceded could have, and should have been prevented; however, the girls dominated the game and were totally worthy winners.  The goals were all Lone Stars and they came from Abbey, Jessica, Layla, and Molly Malone.  Another great win for the 14’s as they continue to play extremely well indoors.


U15 Girls V’s Select: 5-3 Win


The U15’s continue to put in yet another tremendous team performance showcasing each and every player’s worth to the team.  Although the girls are constantly out numbered week in and week out, they continue to show their resilience and desire to win. Kayla had yet another good game in nets making numerous wonderful saves and always keeping the Select team at bay.  Lauren and Soli were absolutely brilliant in the defending third and both the girls were resolute in their defending. Becca, Alyssa, and Jessica all proved to be too much for the Select team from the midfield position, while Emily and Rosie just bossed the attacking third.   The Cobra goals came from Alyssa, Becca, Emily, Rosie, Jessica, and Lauren.  A tremendous all-round team performance.


U18 Boys V’s CSA: 6-5 Win
Although losing 3-1 at half time, it was most obvious that the Lads had the ability to change the game around, and so they did!  Sharper movements off the ball plus a better application of attacking concepts led to a final 6-5 win over a good CSA team.  The Cobra goals came from Mickey with a Brace and Bruno, Dmitri, Kunal, and Ty all with Lone Stars.  Connor and Anthony were tremendous at the back for the Lads, while Ryan was always a threat from midfield. An excellent all-round team performance by The Lads.