Saturday and Sunday November Round Ups


A fabulous day in Cobra Town as all three teams playing on the opening day won.

The U11 Girls started the day with a resounding 5-2 win over the Ambassadors in a game I have already addressed in my previous email.  Just an excellent team performance with the goals coming from Francesca, Katrina, and Rae-Rae all with Lone Stars and Nicola with a Brace.

The U13 Girls beat Everest with a final Score of Cobras 7 Everest 2.  The game was played on the smallest pitch used by the league and it was difficult for the girls to actually get any rhythm then to their game.  They were clearly the better side and the game was easily won.  The goals came from Cassidy L. with a Hat Trick!!
Laura G. with a Brace and Lone Stars coming from Annie G.  And Elizabeth S.

The lack of vision, communication, and movement off the ball was most distracting as we were by far the most dominant team.  The numbers on the 13’s are just too large to keep the team together as one group.  Although the 2-minute rotations worked well as a means of getting everyone playing time, each player needs to have more time on the ball and I shall see to that this week.  I shall keep one team in the current division we are in and place the other team in a different division.  Some players may be asked to play in both games some weekends, as we do not have enough girls for both teams to be self-sufficient.

Although the U13 Boys were down in numbers they were able to beat the Ambassadors quite comprehensively.  Although they did have some of the U13 girls playing for them, the majority of the shifts were by the lads.  As I indicated in my email yesterday there were certain components in their game that they need to work on.  The biggest one I noticed was their fitness and lack of sustained focus both on and off the pitch.


The U11/12 Girls were able to beat our very old adversaries The Internationals in a most exciting game. As with the U14’s below, it must have been a bit weird for the young girls to play on such a large indoor pitch.  However, these young starlets continue to grow, as players and the work ethic of each of the girls is just remarkable to watch.  The goals came from Gianna L. with a Brace and Lone Stars being scored by Jada I. and Lauren T.

The U14 Girls, a team with the largest number of new players, got off to an encouraging draw during their opening game of the Winter One with a final score of
Cobras 3 Jackson Fury 3.  Izzy G. had a Brace and Hannah W. was able to score a Lone Star.  Playing out at Lodi on their indoor surface does take some getting used to; especially with the almost full size goals.  Even so, Coach Jack informed me the girls played well and continue to gel together.

All in all, five games to report on with five wins means a great Weekend in Cobra Town.

See you at training,

Coach Mac.