November 16th and 17th Weekend Round Up

Cobras Weekend Round Up
November 16th and 17th
This proved to be another great weekend in Cobra Town with the U1/12 Girls, U13 Boys, U13 Girls, U15 Girls, and U17 Boys all winning their games.  Unfortunately, the U12 Girls and the U14 Girls did not fare as well.
The U13 Girls started the weekend games and obliterated the opposition 14-0.
During the first half I had the girls play keep away and instructed them not to go to goal as I did not want to run the score up.  I informed the ref what I was doing and at half time also informed the coach.  The Liberty coach told me he did not me to put restrictions on the team and that I should just let them play—so I did! Goals came from: Rosie 4 goals-a Hat-Trick and a Lone Star, Annie 3 goals-a Hat-Trick, Cassidy 3 goals-a Hat-Trick, Laura 2 goals-a Brace, Anna D and Nicole both had Lone Stars.
The U14 Girls followed the 13’s and ended up losing 5-3 to Samba.  This was most certainly a game they could have won had they not made so many basic errors.  I cannot think of one of the opposition’s goals that came from their own development—every goal was gifted to them.  Even so, the girls played well to an extent as they remained in close contention right up to the end.  Rosie scored her second Hat-Trick of the day with 3 well taken goals–a goal return of 7 goals in two games!
The U11/12 Girls won their game 4-1 and really they could have/should have doubled the score.  I have such high expectations for the young teams that I get dismayed when they do not perform to their potential.  However, they played well enough to win and they totally contained and outplayed the Erie Admirals.  Goals came from, Jada, Nicola, Katrina, and Mary Felicia all who had a Lone Star each.
The U12 Girls lost their game to CSA but in fairness, we had to use many of the same players who had just completed one full game and then had to play another straight away.  Mary Felicia scored the Lone Star for the Cobras.  Considering they had two straight hours of soccer with limited rotations they did very well.
The ‘New’ U15 Girls’ team recorded their first win of the winter season with a confident victory of the Galaxy—the final score was Cobras 7 Galaxy 3.  The girls played tremendously well and with the new goalie Cayla making an incredible total of 47 saves the Cobra girls were always in great shape to win the game.  The Cobra goals came from: Lauren 2 goals-a Brace, Alyssa 2 goals-a Brace, and Emily, Emily H. Emily G., and Marley all with a Lone Star each.
The U13 Boys beat Liberty 5-2 in a game where the lads never trailed.  The defensive unit, with Danny in goals, played well all game.  The players combined well throughout the game and were most certainly worthy winners.  The goals came from Sam V–2 goals-a Brace, and Caleb, Annie, and Laura all with a Lone Star each.  To cap off a wonderful display in nets, Danny save a penalty kick in the final seconds.
The U17 Boys won their game 6-2—no report available.
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See you at training,
Coach Mac.