Kaitlyn Griswold

Kaitlyn Griswold formerly of Cobras goes Pro in France

Cleveland Cobra Kaitlyn Griswold 2008/9

Here is the FCR Rouen Player Roster Photo of an ‘old’ Cobra Kaitlyn Griswold.  I spoke with Kaitlyn this morning, January 4th, while she is holidaying in Florida.  Earlier on this summer Kaitlyn signed professional forms with FCR Rouen in the French Division II.  (http://us.soccerway.com/teams/france/fc-rouen-1899/9045/)   Last year she played professionally with ZNK Dynamo in Croatia and although she enjoyed the experience, the offer coming from France for her to play at a higher level, was enough for her to leave for France. (http://hns-cff.hr/matches/266068/dinamo-maksimir-znk-split-24/ )
With the exception of the Premier League in England, the rest of European professional clubs are now on Winter Break, hence Kaitlyn’s visit to Florida.  She has scored three goals already and is looking forward to returning to her team.  After leaving the Cobras, Kaitlyn played at Butler where she earned a degree in engineering. We spoke fondly together of her Cobra days and she expressed her true appreciation of the technical and tactical skill-sets we gave her, plus our instrumental help in getting her placed into the Butler Soccer Program. Although I continually stress to all of our players that for many, soccer after college is a rarity, Kaitlyn is one of those rare ones.
It’s amazing what ‘Old’ Cobras get up to!!!!